“His songs are a mix of seriousness and silliness…the lyrics are smart and engaging… his mix of acoustic and electric and mandolin will appeal to folk fans and pop lovers alike.” – Wisconsin State Journal

“Hester’s style combines the smooth flow of many contemporary folkies with an edgy lyrical and playing style… but there’s also humor… trust me, it works great.” – Reno Gazette-Journal

“Not nearly enough has been said about Eric Hester…” – Portland Songwriters Association

“…the feel good musician of the year!” – Syracuse Herald American

“Eric Hester has crafted an edgy alt-rock album that is at once whimsical and serious. Hester strikes the balance as few singer-songwriters can. Full of sardonic wit, “Red” ought to please fans of Robyn Hitchcock’s “I Often Dream of Trains.” – Listeners

“…there’s no doubt that Red is a debut from a major talent.” – Chris Nickson, Music

“I’ve seen this guy play live before, and it’s an amazing sight. He takes risks, has immaculate taste…and never fails to affect his audience.” – Music Critic

Portland Songwriters Association
1997 Winner “Song of the Year”
1997 Winner “Best Performer”
1998 Winner “Americana Song of the Year”
1999 Winner “Best Song”
1999 Winner “Best Performance”

SAW 15th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest
Honorable Mention Folk Music Category

Woody Guthrie Folk Songwrting Contest
1999 Finalist Emerging Artist
March 2000

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