If you are at this site then you are either an old fan/friend or have recently stumbled upon my music and/or my record label Slothtrop Music. As I rarely post to this site anymore you can find most info related to me there, if however you are looking for old or new Eric Hester music, this is the place! My old CD’s can be found in the music section and there is indeed some new Eric Hester material floating around but most of it isn’t performed by me. I retired from performing a few years ago, touring held little interest for me, but I still play one or two times a year (at benefits mostly). I now spend most of my time running my record and artist management company Slothtrop Music (more on that later). I also write quite a bit of music for Nashville, I’ve had a couple of cuts but by no one famous and I’ve had a couple of holds by folks you might know (it’s bad luck to tell).

Slothtrop has grown by leaps and bounds the last few years (visit our website to check it out) and I am intimately involved in the day to day business. I also manage a few of the acts and co write or write songs that regularly appear on the CD’s I release. I am fairly certain this has more to do with the acts liking my tunes then me forcing myself on them as I almost always try to talk them out of recording the songs I’ve written!

Quite a few folks think that I am also the lead singer in a punk band on my label called ALBERT, while he does look and sound exactly like me and quite a few of the tunes do sound exactly like songs I would have written, his name is A.B. Albert and my name is of course Eric Hester so you can see we must be two different people. While some of my fans truly love the ALBERT CD a few find it hard to fully digest, so may I recommend a couple of ALBERT tracks for the discerning listener (please purchase the full CD if you like them), these can be picked up on iTunes or at most online music stores or you can of course buy the full CD’s from cdbaby. On Albert’s debut release ALBERT I think the song “Adalay” would be a good choice, on the MSG: Made at Home 2 compilation the song “December” is a highlight, and if you become a true ALBERT fan you can hear their cover of Neil Young’s “Don’t Cry No Tears” on the More Barn: A Tribute to Neil Young CD. Alas ALBERT has gone into hiding the past couple of years so we are all holding our breath for the next CD.

On Mark Croft’s amazing CD Permanent Ink, I co-wrote the final tune “Is it Gonna be Funky” (though I think you will love the entire CD!) and there is a pretty rough version of “A Woman Who Will” on West of Rome’s CD Drunk Tank Decoy.

I did recently write and record a new Eric Hester song titled “Johannesburg” for the “Madison for Africa” benefit CD, but you’ll have to use google to find a copy as they are rather hard to come by!

I do still write a ton of original songs that only Eric Hester can do, and I am planning on releasing another CD someday, and will probably do a small tour to support it, but for now I’m pretty happy doing what I’m doing. If you liked my songs you’ll probably like a few of the folks on my label – or maybe not – but in any event whenever there is new stuff to be had I’ll let you know! Take care and thanks for looking me up!

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